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Dynamic Solutions Unlocking Every Child's Potential

Every child has the potential to learn and the right to have that potential met, regardless of their culture, language, or abilities. We equip educational practitioners with the tools and guidance necessary to reveal each child’s learning potential and provide the support needed to ensure their potential is fully realized.

Our Approach

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Our unique Curriculum-Based Dynamic Assessment (CBDA) accurately identifies a K-12 learner's language potential. We can rapidly differentiate learners who require specialized language services from those needing regular language instruction.

Our approach is:

  • Tailor-made to each child's learning style

  • Culturally Sensitive

  • Research-based

  • Collaborative

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Our Services

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We offer four distinct services tailored to meet the diverse needs of educational practitioners, school systems, and learners alike.


Curriculum-Based Dynamic Assessment (CBDA) professional development program: This is designed for educational practitioners, including resource teachers and school-based speech-language pathologists.


CBDA certification training: This is the solution of choice for practitioners such as private speech-language pathologists and educational psychologists.


Individual assessments: Parents can rely on our individual assessment service to obtain personalized insights into their child’s learning potential and how best to accompany them in developing their language skills.


Conference/Keynote speaking engagements: We accept requests for speaking at various functions and events.


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  • Receive appropriate and timely services

  • Improve their transition to a new school

  • Reduce their likelihood of falling behind while waiting for specialized services

Latest Blog

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Read our latest blog on assessments, language development, education, tips for parents, and more.


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"This assessment provides educators with a reliable tool that can be used to screen for children who should be receiving specialized support services from professionals such as psychologists and speech language pathologists in addition to the current supports provided by educators. I strongly endorse the Curriculum-Based Dynamic Assessment as created and validated by TRICOAST Education."

Dr. Art Lamrock, licensed psychologist and past Registrar for the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick

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